The Team

Meet The Team

Our Nestle In Childcare team in Goonellabah is committed to employing qualified, switched-on, kind and caring staff. Our staff are committed to professional development to further their skills, knowledge and experience.

Primary staff members always work with the same group of children, as we believe that continuity of care is very important for the children and their development.

Occasionally the Centre will employ casual staff to replace regular staff due to annual leave or illness. We have a network of quality casual employees who have all been interviewed and selected by the Director, and where possible we endeavour to always use the same casual staff known to the children.

To support children’s ongoing development needs, professionals are available to visit the Centre; such as Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and other Early Intervention Specialists.

We also encourage students to assist and observe by giving approved opportunities to select students training in early childhood from Universities, TAFE Colleges and High Schools. All visitors to the Centre are required to sign in and out, and though students will visit from time to time, they will never replace staff.

To support children’s link to learning, volunteers also occasionally visit the Centre, such as parents sharing an interest/skill, or community workers like police, fire and dentists.


Lisa Martin
Director (Bachelor of Education)

Assistant Director (Diploma)


Tadpoles Room
Mel (Diploma)

Tadpoles Room
Amber (Cert 3)

Starfish Room
Linda (Diploma)

Starfish Room
Jemma (Cert 3)

Starfish Room
Carren (Cert 3)

Turtles Room
Kahla (Cert 3)


Whales Room
Kas (Bachelor of teaching)

Support Staff

Support Staff
Qualified Chef

Support Staff


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