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At Nestle In Childcare Centre Goonellabah we are proud to offer modern and well-equipped facilities that cater to every families’ needs. An important aspect of your child’s care is their comfort and security; this also applies to their rest times.

The legislated regulatory standards for sleep, rest and relaxation in early childhood education and care have recently changed. The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care now requires that each long day care, family day care, and preschool service has policies and procedures in place for sleep, rest and relaxation. These policies must document how your child’s centre will provide for each child’s comfort and wellbeing, and how they will align with children’s individual needs.


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The changes to the Framework for Early Childhood Education reflects that sleep-rest practices in early childhood education settings are often an area of concern. The majority of services approach child’s rest through a standard period in the middle of the day when children are required to lie down, whether or not they are tired or able to sleep. These practices fail to consider children’s individual needs or those children who are tired outside the scheduled sleep/rest time. There are always children who cannot sleep either because the timing of the sleep period is wrong for their body clocks or because they have simply grown out of naps.

Sleep routines are an important factor for parents who seek to maintain their child’s sleep patterns. Therefore, responsiveness to children’s developmental and emotional needs are at the heart of quality at Nestle In Goonellabah Preschool and Early Learning Centre. Studies have shown that responsive sleep-rest practices are a barometer of quality. Centres and services that have the most flexible sleep-rest practices are those observed to have the highest-quality practices at other times of day and Nestle In are proud to offer this to the children in our care.

At Nestle In Goonellabah Preschool and Early Learning Centre, we also provide separate sleep rooms for our various age groups. For example; the Tadpoles room (0-2) is a breathable and spacious room with full viewing facilities, monitors and air conditioning. The separate sleep rooms ensure that children, at different developmental stages, are not disturbed by the other children’s sleeping patterns. Our recently renovated kitchen with a qualified chef serving nutritious meals and using mostly locally sourced produce that guarantees your child’s nutritional needs are met. These factors are important to ensure that your child is not only well nourished but also has a peaceful rest.

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Our flexible practices occur as we see sleep, rest and relaxation as integral to children’s care and education. This is achievable to Nestle In as we have adequate staffing across the day, to ensure we can attend to every child’s individual needs.

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nestle in award win

A proud moment for Lisa Martin, owner and director of Goonellabah Nestle In Preschool and Early Learning Centre after being crowned with another prestigious award – winning the best in the region for ‘Personal Services’ at the 2018 NSW Business Chamber Regional Awards, held at the weekend.

Lisa could hardly contain her excitement after winning another award - two accolades in the past few months, “Wow, we didn’t expect this! What an incredible honour and a huge achievement to win the Regional Award! I am thrilled and extremely grateful to work with such an incredible team, this recognition wouldn’t be possible without them!”

Lisa was presented with the ‘Personal Services’ award by sponsor Josh Mills, manager of WIN Television network, at the Gala Event held at Elements of Byron, in Byron Bay, on Saturday night.

This win, on top of their recent local award win for the ‘Personal Services’ category at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards, signifies how far the business has come since humble beginnings in 2011.

“The award solidifies the collaboration of our carefully chosen team who are wholly dedicated to providing our children with the love and nurture we believe all children deserve. The lessons we teach our children in the early year's shape who they will grow to be, and all children are taught valuable skills that will prepare them all the way through to Primary school and beyond. Everything we’ve achieved stems from our passion and ever-evolving vision of how childcare needs to be and we intend to continue to provide exceptional standards to children and families in the local area” said Lisa.

In Lisa’s acceptance speech, she congratulated her team and exclaimed, “This trophy is for you!” She also thanked the NSW Chamber, the WIN Network and Barefruit Marketing, who have worked with Nestle In across all their marketing efforts, and congratulated all of the finalists.

Since the beginning Lisa, with her team, have been the driving force behind the success of Nestle In and have been the forefront in offering an inclusive environment that caters for all cultures, social backgrounds and developmental abilities. Lisa considers herself and her team lucky to be on a platform where they support child(ren) and families in an authentic manner and can really make a difference in their lives, now and into the future.

“For me, it’s really important to know that not only is our centre recognised but the childcare profession is also being acknowledged,” she says.

The Goonellabah Nestle In story began 9 years ago out of a need for families who were in the work force or studying, looking for quality education. It has grown considerably year on year. With 19 enrolled students across two days to now employing 12 staff members, including a permanent in-house chef that operates out of a state-of-the-art kitchen facility, and caring and educating for 50 children on a daily basis.

“Our team believe in creating a welcoming space for children and families to grow and learn in a safe, nurturing, fun and educational environment. We provide the highest quality early childhood programs supported by early childhood teachers and qualified educators, which meets the emotional, physical, social and cognitive development of each and every child and their ability to build lifelong skills and strengths,” Lisa says.

These awards measure high praise, for Nestle In, earnt by delivering a personal service that is recognised by the highest level for an early childhood education provider in the region. It highlights the sum of efforts contributed by every individual part of the organisation who ensures that all children and families receive the best quality care and education.

“To be named regional winner is recognition of our team’s dedication to providing quality early childhood education, but also to the wonderful and unique relationship between educators and the children in their care,” Lisa says.

Nestle In is a purpose built and privately-owned long day care centre that educates and cares for babies through to preschoolers (0-5 years), situated in Goonellabah (with a sister centre located in Alstonville) and is conveniently open long day care hours from 6:30am to 6:30pm.

Early Childhood Educators Day!

Educators Day

Thank you to our Educators from us

We took the time to say thank you to all our staff last week for Early Childhood Educators Day!

This day recognises and celebrates the work of Australia's educators in early learning centres (long day care centre based), kindergarten/preschool services, family day care, occasional care and Outside School Hours Care (OSHC), for their wonderful contribution to the wellbeing and healthy development of the young children in their care.

It's also a chance to say thank you to not just our centre and educators but to all Australia’s early childhood educators on a very personal level by service operators, families and their children, as well as collectively at the national level.

This year, Early Childhood Educators Day took place on Wednesday 5th September.

Thank you to our Educators from our children

Our children took the time to thank all our educators on the day in their own special way.

It was a fun day had by all.

We’re apart of this year’s Lismore Lantern Parade

child care centre

Goonellabah Nestle In Centre is a part of this year’s huge Lismore Lantern Parade that will take place on Saturday 23 June 2018 from 12pm right through until 9pm.

A group of children and parents will carry lanterns in the parade to present the centre. The parade starts from 5:30pm – 6:30pm from the corner of Market and Molesworth Street and will culminate at The Quad in Rural Street, Lismore to represent the centre.

The lanterns that will be carried in the parade are all made by volunteers and decorated by our little ones amongst others. A lantern decorating session was held at the centre at which the children were able to add their own touches to the lanterns.

The Quad is Lismore’s new green space in the heart of the CBD, situated between the new Regional Art Gallery, the Northern Rivers Conservatorium and the Regional Library. With the change in venue from Oakes Oval this year, there will be no tickets, just entry by donation

The Lantern Parade theme is ‘wonderland’ and will be a cross between an enchanted fairy tale paradise and a colourful fantasy dreamland. The Quad will be transformed into a magical wonderland full of light projections, fire art, bonfire, fireworks, delightful creatures and luminous garden surprises that will amaze and inspire.

For the full program: click here!

Here’s how to transition to the new Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Fee Assistance Changing

Have you transitioned to the new child care subsidy?

July 2, child care fee assistance is changing. Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will replace the current childcare payments we offer. If you currently get a child care payment for approved care, you need to complete a Child Care Subsidy assessment.

This will help Centrelink check if you’re eligible for the new subsidy, and how much your subsidy will be. They will prefill any information you’ve already given them.

For a step by step guide including:

#1 Get Started: Set up a MyGov account & link it to your Centrelink account

#2 Complete your assessment: Complete your claim online.

#3 Review & Submit: they'll provide a summary of all your details, check it to make sure all of it is correct before you submit it.

#4 Receipt: Make note of it for your Claim Records.

#5 Sign out: Your Claim is now complete

Click here to see the complete guide: click here. If you need further help please call us at Goonellabah Nestle In on 02 6624 2922 and we can show you how!


Nestle In Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games

The educators and children have been exploring the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and decided to host their own games. The children enjoyed a fun and exciting day using physical fundamental movement skills.

Skills such as running, cycling, and balancing together with learning games with rules; fair play; and turn-taking. The Whales Transition to School group of children created the medals for the Medal Ceremonies and each child and educator had the opportunity to participate.

Linda was quite the star in the balance beam and cycling. For some of these outstanding athletes it is now time to focus on the Olympics in 2020, GOING FOR GOLD. 

The New Childcare Package

From 2 July 2018, there will be a New Child Care Package, providing more support for more families.

So what does this mean for you? 

The package includes a new Child Care Subsidy, which replaces the current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. The Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to services.

There are also changes to the annual cap which will make child care more affordable for most families.

Three things will determine a family's level of Child Care Subsidy:

  1. Combined family income
  2. Activity level of parents
  3. Type of child care service

Some basic requirements must be satisfied for an individual to be eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy for a child. These include:

  • the age of the child (must be 13 or under and not attending secondary school)
  • the child meeting immunisation requirements
  • the individual, or their partner, meeting the residency requirements.

The Child Care Safety Net

The package includes a $1.2 billion Safety Net to give the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, including those from regional and remote communities, a strong start through access to quality early learning and child care.

Next steps

The current arrangements don't change until 2 July 2018. More information about what families need to do to prepare for the change will be available in early 2018.

What do I need to do?

Families should start thinking about how the changes may affect them.

Families currently using child care will be contacted in early 2018 with more details about the changes.

Child Care Subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy is the new way the Government will assist families with their child care fees.

Estimating Child Care Subsidy

Family Child Care Subsidy Estimator is available to make it easy for families to get an idea of what their new subsidy might be under the New Child Care Package.

The estimator is user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to fill out.

Child Care Safety Net

The Child Care Safety Net will give the most vulnerable children a strong start, while supporting parents into work.


A range of information resources are available to assist families in understanding the details of the new package.

You can also contact Lisa here at Nestle In, who would be happy to guide you through the changes and help you with any questions you have about Daycare at Nestle In or Possum Place.

*Information and links sourced from the Australian Government Department of Education & Training Website.