Nursery 0-2

Toddler Meal Time

Child Care Nursery
Ages 0-2

The childcare nursery environment at Nestle In Goonellabah is purpose-designed for ages 0 – 2 years and reflects the individual routines of the children. As well as supports the development of each child.

The Tadpole’s mix of soft areas with carpet and cushions, as well as hard floor areas for eating and messy play are set to support developing children both safely and securely.

Day Child Care Center

We love to welcome parents in for a “day in the life” of their child, where they can experience the Tadpoles environment and then feel more secure in themselves, understanding the routine of their little ones.

Educators strive to fully support each individual Tadpole’s routine. With the program greatly reflecting the children’s milestones; such as self-help skills, addressing attachment, and gross motor skills such as sitting, crawling and walking.

They will learn from cause and effect experiences, such as “if I do this, that will happen”, and from here, flow into our early literacy such as learnings from labelling items in the environment, picture books, simple songs, rhymes and finger plays.

Early numeracy is also touched upon, counting 1, 2, 3… stacking blocks and cups.

Creativity is also promoted which extensively develops their young minds, using finger painting, small and thick brush painting, sand and water play and play dough – rolling and sensory play.

Child Care Center Goonellabah Sensory Play

For more information about our Child Care Nursery’s Tadpoles 0 – 2 years Program at the Nestle In  Childcare Nursery in Goonellabah, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at a time convenient to you. You can also join our waitlist to ensure the best support for your little one.

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